Pastor Buchholz

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Pastor John Buchholz is an Associate Pastor at Lighthouse Baptist Church serving under the leadership of Dr Robert Bakss. He was saved as a teenager in 1983 at Redemption Baptist Church in Rockhampton, lead to Christ by an American missionary Larry Parshall. Pastor Buchholz completed a teaching degree and has taught in Christian Schools since 1985 as a teacher and principal. Currently he is the school pastor and a teacher at Lighthouse Christian School overseeing the spiritual well being of the students.

Pastor Buchholz was the senior pastor at Redemption Baptist Church for seven years and in 2003 his family moved to Lighthouse Baptist Church. He has lead and been involved in the children’s and care ministries of the church.

Pastor John Buchholz and his wife Heather have been married for 19 years and they have been blessed with six children. Their oldest son Joshua has graduated from high school and is praying as to what God wants him to do with his life. In school they have Hannah, Emilee-Joy, Isaac, Joseph, and Abigail.


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